US Stock Market Hours

What are the Stock Market Hours?

Below are the Stock Market Hours provide by Trader2B. U.S STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET HOURS People from around the world may trade using electronic platforms. U.S stock exchange market is set to open 9:30-16:00 Eastern Standard Time.  Here you can find a list of trading hours that are in correspondence with the U.S stock exchange market hours……

Trading Chart Reversal Pattern

What are Trading Emotions?

Trading Emotions are natural instinctive state of minds deriving from one’s circumstances while trading. Below are the 6 Most Common Emotions in Trading: Anxiety/Excitement Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. When entering a trade you may have a feeling of excitement…

Things all successful traders do

15 Things All Successful Traders Do

Many successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, Stock Traders, etc all have very similar traits/habits that they do everyday. These traits may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, but they statistically show that these people have a higher financial income, intelligence, and/or work drive over people who do not practice these habits. 1. Exercise Exercise is…

Trader Checklist tim sykes free

Watch Trader Checklist by Tim Sykes for Free

Watch the FREE 11 hour New DVD Guide. Learn to be better prepared on any investment before you risk your hard earned money.   When you are done watching the Trader Checklist, Check out the Trader Checklist Part Deux!

improve patience to improve performance

Day Traders, Improve Patience to Improve Performance

A stock is rising on your one-minute chart, it starts to pullback but then stalls out. You buy expecting the uptrend to start again, but instead the pullback continues and you find yourself in a losing position. The price stalls again; thankful for the pause in the selling you get out with a loss. You’re upset…

Trader Checklist tim sykes

Trader Checklist by Timothy Sykes

Trader Checklist is a 14 Part series by Timothy Sykes. Check out the videos below. When you are done, check out Trader Checklist Part Deux.  

time and sales interactive brokers

What is Time and Sales?

Time and sales show all of the transactions of sales that occur, in real time. Time and Sales will show you information such as the time the transaction occurred, if it is on Bid Side or Ask Side (Or sometimes in the middle!), and the transaction amount.  Below is a short video on setting up…

day trading commissions

Broker Commissions

Brokers charging you for facilitating the buying or selling of shares is called Broker Commissions. There are two main ways you can be charged Commission: Per Share and Per Trade: Per Share Commissions Per share, a commission is an act of charging a rate per shares for each transaction that you trade. So commission on trading…